Special Occasions

We are available for special occasions:- Anniversay, Proposal, Birthday, Prom Night, Corporate Events and Santa. Please contact for any other requests.

Our horses are patient and  reliable in the heaviest of traffic. Our Vis-a-Vis carriage seats 4 adults or 4/6 children. Our Landau carriage seats 4 adults or 4 children comfortably. Both carriages have hoods which can be put up or down in minutes.


Special Occasions

Kings and Queens enjoying the attention they deserve at their gala day.

Officials at the Lanimers Day, held in Lanark

Marymass (Irvine)


Santa and his little helpers onboard  "A One Horse Open Sleigh"

"Sleigh Bells Ring" are you listening?

"Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow"