Terms & Conditions

Terms Of Hire

Terms of Hire For Weddings;-

1/ There is a time limit of 4 hours for weddings.

2/ Typically our carriage is used to bring you into your ceremony, then afterwards to the reception.

3/ There is a maximum limit of 6 miles from, pick up point to church/registry and then to car or reception. If photographs are required at any other location, or the total distance exceeds the   6 miles, then suitable arrangements can be made.

Terms of Hire For Occasions;-

1/ There is a time limit of 2 hours for occasions from pick up point to arrival point.

2/ There is a maximum limit of 6 miles from pick up to arrival point.

3/ If photographs are required at any location to which exceeds the total distance or more time is required, suitable arrangements can be made.

4/ Corporate Events  do not have any limitations.

5/ Film work will be discussed upon booking.

We do our utmost to allow plenty of travelling time to account for any delays on the road, however should there be a mechanical breakdown, accident, congestion or severe weather conditions that prevents us from getting to your occasion, we will give you notice to arrange for alternative transport and an adequate refund will be given. If however through unfortunate circumstances we have to cancel a full refund will be given. If cancellation is on your behalf no refund will be given.

There is a £100 deposit paid upon booking, which is non-refundable. 

We offer a choice of (All White Flowers & Ribbons) decoration on our carriages and additional (Coloured Flowers & Ribbons) of your choice. (All Free of Charge).


For Prices, Booking Forms, Check Availability and Discuss your Individual Needs or to View our Carriages and Horses, please feel free to contact us.

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